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Hiroshi Nakamura

We produce this medicine based on an ancient Japanese folk medicine recipe, utilizing organic iodine obtained from seaweed extract as its main ingredient. Years of extensive research have been dedicated to perfecting this medicine, which demonstrates significant efficacy in treating cancer and related illnesses. Additionally, following collaboration with our Sri Lankan counterparts, we have enhanced our medicine by incorporating various Sri Lankan herbs.

As part of our expansion plans, we have established a small factory unit in Sri Lanka, and we intend to establish a fully equipped modern factory complex in order to broaden our export market.



Sujith Prasantha Peiris/h4>

My colleague, Mr. Nilantha Perera, and I have had the privilege of working in Japan for many years, during which time we forged numerous friendships with Japanese individuals. One such dear friend is Mr. Hiroshi Nakamura. Through discussions with him about his medicine, we proposed the idea of creating a more potent medicine to combat cancer by incorporating select Sri Lankan herbs into the primary ingredient of iodine.

We embarked on extensive research and conducted numerous tests, ultimately obtaining Sri Lankan Ayurvedic approval for five of our products. Primarily, our products aim to enhance human immunity while effectively targeting and eliminating cancer cells. Furthermore, these medicines can also serve as preventive supplements for cancer and other related illnesses.



H Hilarin Nilantha Perera

Sri Lanka is currently undergoing a transformation into a promising investment hub. A substantial market is emerging for cancer-related medicine, particularly in the South Asian region, including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and others. Our primary objective is to expand our production capacity, attract new investors, and establish a state-of-the-art factory complex in Sri Lanka. Our aim is to extend our market reach throughout South Asia.